Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security


When comes to Unarmed Security, Ramsey is renowned for providing extensively trained security guards in Los Angeles, CA. These guards are proficient in handling all the industries which are assigned, we assure that they carry out all their activities efficiently. However, the distinctive feature security guard is to identify the problematic situation and encounter it productively.

All the places are schools, offices, malls, buildings, and churches, everywhere there is a high demand for security guard services in California to ensure the proper protection of the people. For all such demands, look nowhere, just approach Ramsey Security.

Our security personnel can accomplish their tasks in the best possible way. So, let's see their respective functions and what all benefits, you can get from acquiring our unarmed security services in Los Angeles, CA.


What Type of Setup Needs Security?


-Big Businesses which deal in Precious Elements

Such businesses which offer valuable and expensive items are prone to attack by criminals or robbers. Hence keeping the security personnel in such units is highly recommended to prevent the crimes.


–Violence Prone Areas

If you live in an area where fights occur regularly, and your property carries a high risk of criminal attention, then there is no other option but to hire a security guard who can safeguard your property from destruction.


–Massive Events

Big events which involve VIPs and have large crowds are vulnerable to more threats and are easy targets. Therefore, getting the professional security services would be the feasible option here.



Undoubtedly, banks are the easy target for criminals as it engages in daily cash transactions and assets.


-Other Units

These include Hospitals, Museums, Government departments, Politicians’ bungalows, Airports, Hotels, Apartments, and Residential Communities. In all such areas, it is mandatory to access the services of security guards as they sustain the continuous risk of the potential attacks.

The obvious difference between Armed and Unarmed security guards is that the former uses Firearms while the latter does not. And we guarantee you that Ramsey Security unarmed services will be highly beneficial as our Personnel has completed large-scale training and they are fully prepared now to mitigate the criminal acts effectively.

The work of unarmed guards is more demanding and challenging, they get entangled in riskier and more vigorous situations. Our unarmed guards are also highly meticulous, as they are continuously involved in patrolling and can identify any apprehensive situation in the first instance which leads them to stop certain criminal activity then and there itself and prevents the escalation of unwanted situations.


How Can Be the Immensely Trained Unarmed Personnel Beneficial?

Even Though Unarmed Personnel are not required to carry Firearms or armaments, they must deal with exigent situations. They must patrol consistently and report any unauthorized activity immediately.

Sometimes the work may become difficult for them as they are not allowed to use weapons but still, they must deal with the situations prudently.

They are mostly found in places where there is less risk and threat involved like small offices, schools, retail outlets, industrial sites, etc.

Ramsey Security also provides Considerable Training to Unarmed Personnel so that they can handle the setup which is assigned to them. Our security personnel work with full discretion and enthusiasm to provide efficient vigilant services and sometimes goes beyond their services to ensure the absolute safety of the people.

Our management authorities always monitor the unarmed security guards in Los Angeles, CA to yield satisfactory results. These guards are regularly in contact with their on-site field supervisor to report about all the happenings and to assure that there is a quick response to emergencies.

The work and duties of Unarmed Guards involve aptly reciprocating the emergencies and informing the concerned authorities, administering the parking activities of private properties, engaging in regular inspection activities, and taking care of the locking and unlocking of doors, gates, and proper surveillance facilities. They are also required to protect the property and assets from criminals and assist in criminal deterrent activities.


Why Ramsey Unarmed Security Services?

Ramsey Security provides 24-hour Unarmed security services in Los Angeles, CA to protect your business, property, and events. Our guards are adequately trained to alleviate the intense situations. Now all you need to do is just rely on us for all your safety requirements and we go the extra mile to fulfil your expectations.

All our security personnel have undergone all the training sessions and attained all the necessary licenses and certifications which make them eligible to work as Unarmed Security Guards in California. After going through such requirements, they are also required to undergo ample background checks and adequate investigations, and then only they are taken on board.

After hiring also, this security personnel are given regular training for dealing with all types of situations more judiciously.

Now, what are you waiting for, just call on the given number and our Guards will be at your doorstep to provide the best security? And still, if there is a benefit of the doubt in your mind, just watch out for our major clients on our website and get reassured, that our premier quality services have made them our major clients.

Our customer service team is always available to address all types of queries and to give you a rapid response. Not only that, if you want to get the risk assessment done on your property, and for the free quote, just call us. We are always there to assist you and all such attributes have made Ramsey Security the number one choice of Clients in Los Angeles, CA.