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Ramsey Security LLC – Best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles

Our professionalism and strong values form the pillars of our security operations and services, which we extend to our valued clientele in Los Angeles and California. Be itsecurity guard Services in Los Angeles, CA, for your residence or business office, or you are looking to hire security Guards for Private Parties in Los Angeles, CA, Ramsey is the preferred professional security company.

Ramsey Security's success story comes from the trust we have earned in the community over time. Our values have played a catalytic role in building up a customer-centric culture, shaping our business success story. Our integrity, effective vigilance, and helpfulness create those extra-visible values. Our trained security guards operate in the area's private security, unarmed security, and event security, making our brand acknowledged as one of the best security guard companies in Los Angeles.

Ramsey Security LLC – Our Strengths

Ramsey Security focuses a lot on the development of security guards. We have training interventions for security personnel in our in-house training facility. Our security guards are honest and practice the best code of conduct while undertaking security responsibility. We are often entrusted to discharge duties on the client's premises having high-valued merchandise. Besides, our guarding team will report any visible inconsistency (if noticed) without holding any information while discharging the security duties on your premises.

Training and Development – A Way of Life at Ramsey Security

Ramsey Security Team – Our Core Strengths

Ramsey Security LLC is a leading security services company serving the residential and business community in California and Los Angeles. As the best Security Guard Companies in Los Angeles, we provide tailor-made security services, allowing our clients to focus on their core business. We keep them safe, protecting their life business and extending peace of mind throughout.

We also have a mobile training unit dedicated to upgrading the skills of our guarding forces on an ongoing basis.

The fresh recruits receive a 30-day training program at our in-house training centers, which equips them with the skill sets relevant to security operations and career growth. It comprises of theory, practical, physical, and group exercises.

We also impart training for our Quick Response Team, teaching them how to handle low-tech confrontations with intruders, basic firefighting, eliminating false triggers, and managing medical emergencies.

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Your Security, Ramsey's Priority – Our Mission

At Ramsey, our core strength lies in our exceptionally trained and motivated security team.We have a simple yet profound mission. We offer customized security solutions to meet all your security needs. Our team takes care of all your safety and security needs daily, and we do not make any compromises there.

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  • Protect and control all doors at all times.
  • Prevent unauthorized entries inside the secured areas.
  • Keep track of all persons on site in the event of an emergency.
  • Alert the appropriate person(s) in the event that any safety concerns should arise.
  • Contact management in the event that force is needed when possible.
  • Be polite to all employees and visitors alike.
  • Work hard to achieve excellence in our service.

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