Private Security

Private Security


We all want to live a peaceful life without worrying about anything in which we feel safe and secure. We also want that our privacy is never compromised. And to get such a pleasant and secure environment, we all seek security services in Los Angeles, CA who can understand our requirements easily and give us standardized services. So, stop searching for such ideal private security services here and there and get acquainted with Ramsey for all your security demands.


Why Prefer Us for Private Security Services?

At Ramsey Security, we deliver the perfect and impeccable private security guard services in Los Angeles at a feasible price. We provide adept, capable, and highly experienced security guards for all to inhibit all malicious activities. We put all the necessary efforts to impede all the criminal acts which any business, property, events, or residential communities. All our security guards are fully trained, certified, and licensed by ‘the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, (BSIS)’ and are required to undergo a thorough background check and other relevant procedures.

Security Needs arise slowly and gradually, and you must hire a professional service company for your special security needs. And Ramsey Security is created to give custom-made services for all your specific needs. We first try to understand the discrepancy which is affecting the security and accordingly make the appropriate private security service plan.

Our Ultimate Private Security Guard Services is available for all the types of Industries and Properties that will take care of the protection of the people and their assets.

Some of the setups in which we impart our private security solutions include:


–Residential Setup

Keeping the homeowners and tenants safe is our main priority. We have a specialized team to take care of your home which will cater to all the minute details.


-Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing Units carry a great risk as there may be some competitors or criminals who can destruct your goods, or prototypes or might use your idea. They may even pose a threat to your warehouses or cold storage facilities. For such situations, we provide highly trained and capable private security guards is recommended who can deal with such emergencies.


–Construction Sites

It may seem that Construction Sites don’t have any vigilance as there is nothing to harm in them and are just incomplete buildings, but these sites also stand at high risk, because it’s empty most of the time and someone can set the fire and may try to damage your property, hence it requires an adequate amount of protection and patrolling. Ramsey presents the adept and productive security services for such problems.


–Commercial Security

Whether it is office buildings, shopping complexes, retail outlets, malls, etc all carry a high risk of security hazards. For dealing with emergency concerns of commercial properties we provide both security officers as well as the latest technologies to safeguard your business such as burglar alarms, appropriate CCTV Surveillance, Fire extinguishers, and smart locking systems.


–Healthcare Security Services

Security of the Patients and the healthcare staff is the utmost priority of every hospital and healthcare service provider in California. At the same time, these service providers are also required to take care of the facilities, medical equipment, and confidential information. This demands high security and here comes our role, we provide extensive security services in such volatile areas and take care of everything systematically.


–High Officials

High officials such as Directors, CEOs, and Top Executives are always vulnerable to criminal attacks as they are confided with the sensitive and secret information of their companies. That’s why we provide exclusive protection services to such officials and help them in every suspicious situation.


–Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and Financial Institutions are entrusted with the most important responsibility of handling the money of the people and dealing with financial transactions in their day-to-day lives, but they also sustain the high risk of theft and unauthorized activities. Hence protection of such Institutions we consider it our prime responsibility to ensure that customers don’t worry about the security of their ‘hard-earned’ money.


–Other Service Areas

Besides the above, common security spheres such as parking lots, venues of events, transport facilities, theatres, and government offices we have great expertise in exhibiting extraordinary security services.

At Ramsey Security, as we have already told we provide customized and professional services by keeping the particulars of our clients in the mind, but how we do this. First, we engage in a detailed discussion with our client and pay attention to each of the problems that he/she is facing or any past issues that are faced and we also pay heed to the ‘specific security concern.’ And then according to we create a detailed security solution plan that will take care of the privacy of clients effectively.

For example, if your property had faced a fire breakout before and has destroyed your valuables, we will gather as much information as possible so that it is convenient for us to provide the pertinent solution to prevent such incidents from happening again.

We are available 24/7 to serve our customers with well-organized security solutions in Los Angeles, CA. You can count on us for any of your security problems. Our prospective clients are always keen to work with a well-qualified and accomplished management team that can understand everything with just a simple brief. And we take pride in saying that we have such abled and competent teams who will not bother the clients much and will give satisfactory results.

Ramsey Security imparts consistent services in conformity to all the specifications so that the work is executed in a systematized way. Our constant patrols, regular training of our security personnel, and latest technology usage all work in a coordinated way to provide the best safety and security services.

For any of the requirements at any time, don’t hesitate and just call on the given number and get the detailed plan of your private security services in California quickly and get the free quotes. And the first thing now that should come into your mind while thinking of security should be none other than ‘Ramsey Security’.